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Điền Từ Thích Hợp Hoàn Thành Đoạn Văn “Year Ago In Their Private Family Role”

Trong bài viết dưới đây Trường kinh doanh công nghệ sẽ hướng dẫn bạn điền từ thích hợp trong đoạn văn “Year Ago In Their Private Family Role”. Mời bạn đọc cùng theo dõi!

Year Ago In Their Private Family Role
Year Ago In Their Private Family Role

Nội dung đoạn văn“Year Ago In Their Private Family Role”

Years ago, in their private family role, women quite often dominate the male members of the household. Women were quite (1) _____ to their families. However, the public role of women has changed (2) _____ since the beginning of World War II. During the war, men were away from home to the battle. As a (3) ____, women were in complete control of the home. They found themselves doing double and sometimes triple (4) _____. They began to take over the work of their absent husbands and to work outside. They accounted for 73% of the industrial labor force. Women were forced by economic realities to work in the factories. The women who worked there were (5) _____ low wages, lived in crowded and small dormitories. (6) _____, they found themselves a place as active members of society. Women, although they were ruthlessly exploited, became the key to the country’s success.The feminist movement seems to have been (7) _____ important part in the demands (8) _____ women Equal Rights. The movement tends to have a way of changing men and women and their roles in society. It often redefines the role of women in society. Inventions, too, bring progress in society as (9) _____ as to the individual’s life. In the late nineteenth century the invention of the typewriter gave women a new skill and a job outside the home. The Suffragettes in the turn of the century has become a (10) _____ for most women to be engaged in equality.

1.A. fascinated                   B. worried                 C. dedicated              D. interested

2. A. unfortunately            B. approximately      C. nearly                    D. dramatically

3. A. change                        B. result                     C. success                  D. opportunity

4. A. duty                             B. job                         C. requirement          D. career

5. A. made                           B. paid                        C. created                  D. delivered

6. A. Because                      B. Therefore              C. However               D. So

7. A. a                                  B. an                           C. the                          D. Ø

8. A. for                               B. in                            C. with                       D. against

9. A. much                           B. long                       C. soon                       D. well

10. A. present                      B. souvenir               C. symbol                  D. role

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